EVE Online patch-notes

  • Patch Notes - Version 20.11

    3. January 2023 12:00


    The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 20.11). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:

    Initial Release Date: 2022-12-13 Last update: 2022-01-03

    🤝 - Indicates a change inspired by player's feedback or suggestions.

    RELEASES:    2022-12-13.1 |    2022-12-14.1 |    2022-12-15.1 |    2022-12-19.1 | ;    2022-12-20.1 | 2023-01-03.1 |

    Patch Notes For 2023-01-03.1


    • The Winter Nexus event has ended, we hope you had fun over the holidays!

    Patch Notes For 2022-12-20.1

    Defect Fixes:

    New Player Experience:

    • Fixed an issue which could cause guidance to be lost during the mining introduction when arriving at the site location.

    User Interface:

    • Fixed an issue with UI not showing correctly in particular circumstances in the AIR Career Program.

    Patch Notes For 2022-12-19.1

    Defect Fixes:


    • Mining Crystal descriptions and Resource Processing skill descriptions have been updated with the new ores that were introduced with Resources Aligned on Tuesday.


    • Fixed the appearance of Yoiul Star skin on docked ships.

    User Interface:

    • The wallet will now correctly show how many corporations a player has LP with.
    • The "Events UI Pointer" now functions as intended.
    • Bottom rows of New Eden Store pages have been recalibrated and realigned.
    • Added a scrollbar to the PLEX Vault which appears when the Inventory window is too short.

    Photon UI

    • When trashing multiple items, they are now listed in the dialog window.

    Patch Notes For 2022-12-15.1

    Features & Changes:


    The Winter Nexus event has returned to New Eden! This ingame event will run until downtime on January 3rd 2023.

    • Volatile Ice Storms have begun to appear across highsec, lowsec, and nullsec space. These ice storms spread out across the stargate network two jumps from a central system, and occasionally move from system to system just like metaliminal storms. These storms provide bonuses to ship thermal resistances and module overheating for all capsuleers flying within them. Sansha's Nation and Outer Ring Excavations have both mobilized to take advantage of the novel forms of stellar ice found within these storms.
      • Wightstorm combat anomalies have begun appearing within the Volatile Ice Storms. These sites are full of hostile Sansha's nation vessels, and CONCORD advises capsuleers bring a battlecruiser ship or better when attempting to engage with these forces. The Wightstorm Forward Base site found within storms that originate in highsec space appears to be guarded by the weakest Sansha fleets, with the nullsec Wightstorm Transit Site posing an intermediate challenge and the lowsec-based Wightstorm Muster Point offering the greatest challenge for the greatest rewards.
      • Wightstorm data signatures can also be found within Volatile Ice Storms. These Sansha's Nation data sites can be hacked by enterprising capsuleers equipped with scan probes and data analyzer modules.
      • Volatile Ice Field anomalies can also be discovered within Volatile Ice Storms. These fields of newly discovered stellar ice have recently been captured by ORE and Mordu's Legion forces who have driven away the Sansha harvesting fleets. These ice fields can be accessed through a special ORE-commandeered acceleration gate that only allows medium and small mining and hauling ships to enter (Expedition Frigates, Mining Barges, Exhumers, Industrial Ships, Blockade Runners, Deep Space Transports, and the Porpoise). The volatile ice found within these fields cannot be reprocessed by standard facilities, however Outer Ring Excavations has set up mobile ice collection operations within each of these ice fields, and is willing to trade with capsuleers who contribute to their mining operation. Capsuleers can trade seven units of volatile ice with the ORE representatives in the ice fields to receive a package of valuable salvage and items that ORE forces collected from the wrecks of Sansha ships. Rumors suggest that other valuable Sansha salvage has frozen directly into some of the ice chunks and can be occasionally picked up along with the ice by normal mining activities.
      • Rewards that can be found by capsuleers within all of these sites include valuable Overseers' Effects, hundreds of festive ship SKINs, limited-time Cerebral Accelerators, character apparel, special Sansha's nation combat boosters, Sansha's Nation pirate implant sets, and rare faction modules. 
    • Limited-time Ice Storm filaments are now available that will instantly transport capsuleers into one of these volatile ice storms. Each filament clearly states in its description how many capsuleers it can transport and whether it will take them to a highsec, lowsec, or nullsec storm.
    • A new Yoiul Festival seasonal challenge track can be found within the Agency. These challenges can be completed over the course of the event by engaging with the combat, hacking, and ice mining sites within the Volatile Ice Storms. Completing these challenges will provide players with points that will progress them along a reward track consisting of new exclusive Aurora Universalis skins and Sansha combat boosters.
    • A new set of daily login gifts are available over the course of the Winter Nexus event including snowballs, ice storm jump filaments, new Aurora Universalis skins, Sansha combat boosters, and up to 510k skill points. Players can receive all of these rewards by logging in at least 13 days between now and January 3rd.
    • In addition to the above fantastic gifts, a brand new expert system has been included which will allow all players, including alpha accounts, the ability to fly an Endurance and fit a Ice Mining Laser to mine ice for 4 days. 
    • Keep an eye out for multiple wintery Abyssal Proving ground events over the next month, including 1v1 T1 Cruisers with T1 modules only from December 16-19, a T1 Destroyer with T1 modules FFA from December 30 - January 2, and a 24 hour only 2v2 Battleships arena on January 7th - January 8th. All of these proving events will feature a special set of environmental effects that increase afterburner speed bonuses by 100% and reduce heat damage suffered by overheating modules by 50%. The battleship 2v2 will feature a repeatable challenge that grants 100 million ISK for doing 10,000 damage in the arena.
    • The Chilling Spree snowball challenges have returned, providing bonus SP each day for launching festive snowballs at other players in a game-wide snowball fight!
    • Get your hands on the brand new Yoiul's Ascent fireworks available in the Daily Login Campaign, season reward track and from loot! 


    Alliance and corporation emblems are now available on the following 186 ships:

    • All Cruisers
    • Mining Barges (T1 and Exhumers)
    • All remaining Destroyers
    • Non-Capital Industry
    • All remaining Frigates

    Defect Fixes:


    • Fixed an issue with the Ishtar Aurora Universalis SKIN not displaying the Aurora VFX correctly.

    User Interface:

    • It's now possible to access the solar system map when using the classic starmap again. 

    Patch Notes For 2022-12-14.1

    Features & Changes:

    User Interface:

    • We made a number of improvements on the AIR Career Program navigation, progression tracking and UI.
    • We made an improvement to the sorting by name in the New Eden Store.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Fixed textures for the Cyclops fighter.

    User Interface:

    • Fleet Up section of the Agency now shows correctly.
    • The correct number of columns will now be displayed in the New Eden Store.
    • The 'Buy Extra Skill Queue' option will now open to the correct New Eden Store section.
    • Sorting offers will now have them ordered correctly when viewed in languages other than English.

    Photon UI:

    • Fixed an issue with reordering skills in the Skill Queue by dragging and dropping.
    • It is now possible to click links in dialog message windows.
    • Fixed the layout of multiple choice dialog windows.
    • Structure Deployment window content no longer overflows.
    • Fixed an issue where editing filters/exceptions with Multiple Overviews was sometimes not updating the correct tab.

    Patch Notes For 2022-12-13.1

    Features & Changes

    Defect Fixes

    Features & Changes:


    • Added a sound effect for when a rare event takes place in Upwell Hangars.


    • We changed the way Depth of Field works in hangars. Depth of Field now has it's own rendering toggle under the Effects in the Display & Graphics settings.
      • Depth of Field is no longer automatically on with Post Processing set to High
      • Depth of Field now has much greater strength and is modified by camera distance from your ship
    • We have "rolled" out a few rare events for medium and small Upwell hangars.


    • New content has been translated in French, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Spanish.

    New Player Experience:

    • The salvage wreck objective will now behave like an actual wreck salvage in the second Industrialist - Entrepreneur Career Agent mission.
    • Improved guidance during Industrialist Career Agent missions:
      • Aura will suggest checking out the AIR Career Program while Industry jobs run.
      • Aura will now prioritise informing the player if their ship is incompatible with the recommended fit before informing of missing modules.
      • Aura will now reference a missing module by its specifc type name instead of generically mentioning something cannot be located.
      • Aura will now inform the player if they do not have the recommended ship (a Venture) for the fourth Industrialist - Producer mission.
    • Revised items given in Career Agent missions:
      • Characters will now be gifted a 'Mining Laser Upgrade I' when accepting the fourth Industrialist - Producer mission.
      • Swapped the rewarded 'Overdrive Injector System I' for a 'Damage Control I' in the seventh Industrialist - Producer mission.
      • Swapped the gifted 2x 'Dual Light Beam Laser I' for 2x 'Gatling Pulse Laser I' in the Amarr version of the third Enforcer mission.
      • Swapped the gifted 2x 'Light Electron Blaster I' for 2x '75mm Gatling Rail I' in the Caldari version of the third Enforcer mission.
    • Added a reference and pointer link to the Scanning Basics video within the Help Section of the Agency to the third Exploration mission.
    • Improved the completion messages for the final misisons in all Career Agent paths:
      • Each will now suggest trying the other Career Agent paths within the station.
      • The Enforcer finale now suggests trying the Sister's of EVE Epic Arc, the Blood-Stained Stars, with a pointer link to the Epic Arc Agency tab.
      • The Soldier of Fortune finale now suggests trying Factional Warfare with a pointer link to the Factional Warfare station service.
      • The Explorer finale now suggests trying Comabt Anomalies and Signatures with a pointer link to the Exploration Agency tab.
      • The Industrialist - Producer finale now suggests trying Mining Agent missions with a pointer link to the Agency tab.
      • The Industrialist - Entrepreneur finale now suggests trying Distribution Agent missions with a pointer link to the Agency tab.
    • Tweaked various mission messages to improve clarity and remove references to obsolete content.
    • Improved existing and added additional highlights for guidance during the personalization introduction experience.
    • Characters with one of the appropriate SKINs already injected will now also be eligable for the personalization introduction experience.

    Science & Industry:

    To encourage further growth of the ramping capital manufacturing we are easing a few bottlenecks in T1 industry. We are also addressing the developing lowered profitability of T2 resource harvesting and industry.

    • 4 new asteroid have been discovered, each focused on providing a high amount of a singular resource.
    Asteroid Mineral
    Ducinium Megacyte
    Eifyrium Zydrine
    Mordunium Pyerite
    Ytirium Isogen
    • The new rich asteroid belts may be found in Blue A0 star systems in null security space and in wormhole space.
    • Additionally, these new asteroid belts may also appear in high security 0.5 systems bordering low security systems, and nullsec systems which border low security space.
    • Total mining yields of moon mining structures have been reduced by 25%.

    User Interface:

    • 🤝 New filters have been added to the Paragon Loyalty Point store.

      • Added a search bar
      • Filter by faction (All, Four Empires, Other)
      • Filter by hull size
      • Filter for corporation and/or alliance emblems
      • Filter out acquired emblems
    • Greatly improved the "leave fleet" option by adding an exclamation point to it.

    Photon UI:

    • We have added the ability to have multiple Overviews when using Photon UI. This can be done by right-clicking an existing Overview tab, or by checking the 'In New Window' checkbox when adding a new Tab.
      • This feature can be enabled in the Feature Previews tab of the Settings menu and can only be enabled when Photon UI is enabled.
    • 🤝 We have added a setting that allows you to change the size of the margin and header on all windows. This option can be found in General Settings section of the Settings menu.
    • 🤝 We have updated the Security colors so that they are more distinct from one another.
    • We have added an Auto UI Scaling option in the UI Scaling.
    • 🤝 We have updated the scrollbar in Photon UI, the scrollbar is now static and no longer expands and collapses when hovering over it.
    • 🤝 We have added window resize indicators that show if a window can be resized, these indicators show when hovering over the edge of a window.
    • 🤝 The Close button and Minimize button are now present in the header when a window has Compact Mode enabled.
    • 🤝 We have added a new setting that allows you to change the transparency of windows that are set to "light mode".
    • 🤝 The inventory window now has a Stack All button. Additionally, the search bar, Loot All button, and the item count and value are now visible while the window is in compact mode.
    • 🤝 All the settings related to chat channels has been moved to the chat window's options menu in the top-right corner next to the minimize/close buttons.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Fixed an audio error that would sometimes occur when using Acceleration Gates.


    • Fixed an issue which caused NPCs in Factional Warfare to attack their own Supply Depots and Supply Caches.
    • Updated erroneous respawn timers on a number of Invasion sites which caused them to respawn much earlier than intended.


    • Fixed an issue that caused damaged hulls to appear extra shiny in some cases.
    • The Harbinger now looks as it should whilst using the Yoiul Star SKIN.
    • Small area of the Phoenix siege glow has been aligned better.
    • Fixed a slight texture issue on the Falcon.
    • Non-interactable Athanor models no longer show AIR holograms by default.
    • Genolution Auroral Gold pod surface appears correctly whilst in the JITA 4-4 station hangar.
    • Depth of Field now has the correct distance blur.
    • Upwell Hangars now display emblems for multiple docked ships at the same time correctly.
    • Removed some markings from the Legion ship textures.
    • Fixed incorrect normals on the white line decals on the Charon.
    • Fixed an issue on the Ishtar and Vexor where projected SKIN textures were not aligned during warp animation.
    • Minorly fixed decal on the Tatara Maulus and Bhaalgorn.
    • Fixed an issue with the Trasher Fleet Issue blueprint icon.


    • Fixed an issue with the Skill window opening off screen if the window had been moved off screen.

    New Player Experience:

    • Fixed an issue which could result in the AIR NPE becoming stuck near the start of the experience.
    • Fixed an issue where Aura could tell the player to return to the Agent's station while already there during the fourth Industrialist - Producer Career Agent mission.
    • Increased the bonus reward timer to 180 minutes for the Gallente version of the seventh Industrialist - Producer mission.
    • Fixed a conversation in the seventh Enforcer Career Agent mission always using male pronouns when referencing the player character.


    • Corrupt files in the resource cache are now being handled more gracefully and the client should recover in more cases on its own.
    • Fixed a client crash for the preview window of the Jita 4-4 station.

    User Interface:

    • The Planetary Industry and Encounter Surveillance System Agency filters now work correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where is was no longer possible to consume multiple boosters at once.
    • The correct Material and Time Efficiency values will now be shown when double-clicking a blueprint copy in the Industry window.
    • It is now possible to move the Hacking window by dragging the top of the window.
    • Fixed an issue where the Purchase buttons in Paragon Loyalty Point Stores could become uninteractable on certain window sizes.
    • Fixed an issue where the purchase failure error screen was visible in Loyalty Point Stores adjacent to Paragon Loyalty Point Stores.
    • Fixed an issue where simulated ship names didn't update correctly when moving back and forth in the simulation history.

    Photon UI:

    • Standing indicator icons in chat member list are now correctly aligned.
    • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to select the final item in the inventory window when it was in Compact mode and the View Mode was set to List mode.
    • The header highlight when stacking windows together is now more noticeable.
    • Bounty information in the Selected Item window will be shown in a single line when the window is very narrow.
    • Added a Manage Labels button to the Labels group in the Contacts window.
    • NeoCom is now affected by the window transparency settings.
    • The minimum size of the Local Locations window has been reduced significantly.
    • The sort order indicator icon for the Distance column in the Overview is no longer the wrong way.
    • The actions at the bottom of various Planetary Industry windows no longer overflow the window.
    • Locked windows in compact mode now show the lock indicator in the header.
    • The Market window caption now updates correctly when you jump to a new region.
    • Locked windows no longer move when opened on top of other windows.
    • The structure power state indicators in Assets window now use more pleasing colors.
    • Location group windows that have been opened from the Locations window now update automatically as your locations are updated.
    • Fixed an issue where the inventory filter text was not displayed or was being truncated when using UI scaling.
    • If the Wallet was collapsed in Classic UI, and then the user enables Photon UI, the user is now able to resize the window again.
    • It is no longer possible to minimize the Daily Login Campaign window on the Character Select screen.
    • Hiding the market ticker no longer leaves a gap at the bottom of the right-side navigation panel.
    • Locked items in containers no longer appear incorrectly after mouse-over.
  • Patch Notes - Version 20.10

    6. December 2022 12:00


    The following page will list patch notes for updates after the Uprising expansion launch within this release(Version 20.10). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:

    Initial Release Date: 2022-11-08
    Last update: 2022-12-08

    RELEASES:    2022-11-08.1 |    2022-11-09.1 |    2022-11-10.1 |    2022-11-15.1 |    2022-11-17.1 |    2022-11-22.1 |    2022-11-24.1 |    2022-11-25.1 |    2022-11-29.1 |    2022-11-30.1 |   2022-12-06.1 |   2022-12-08.1

    Patch Notes For 2022-12-08.1

    Features & Changes:


    • The Gallente Federation has strengthened its presence within the Intaki system, completing the construction of a new Federation Navy station above Intaki Prime as well as a new stargate connection between Intaki and Amygnon.
    • The increased Federal presence within Intaki has caused the system's security status to begin increasing. Intaki's security status has increased from 0.1 to 0.2.
    • Intaki V is now labelled as Intaki V (Intaki Prime) in capsuleer user interfaces.
    • The Caldari Navy's presence within the State's new territorial holdings in Syndicate have been strengthened with the completion of three new Caldari Navy stations in the UM-Q7F, 0EK-NJ, and T-LIWS systems.
    • The newly constructed Gallente and Caldari stations are open to capsuleer docking, however industry and office services are not available to Capsuleers at this time. These services will become available in the future.

    Patch Notes For 2022-12-06.1

    Features & Changes:

    Factional Warfare:

    • Reduced the base payout of Battlefield sites from 225k LP to 150k LP.
    • Increased the respawn time on Battlefield sites from 2 hours to 3 hours.
    • Reduced the Victory Points gained from each Battlefield from 2,500 points to 500 points.
    • Increased the number of capture points from each successful tick on a Battlefield capture beacon by 33%. This will make Battlefields capture faster.

    We are making some small adjustments to Battlefield sites. With some solid data and great player feedback, we found that the payout was a bit too high. Similarly, with increased Advantage Values the Battlefield sites were granting slightly too many Victory Points, in effect devaluing standard plexing. Thanks for all the great feedback!

    Defect Fixes:


    • Unpublished skill books can no longer be injected.
    • The minimum output of the DBM is now set to 100% from 110%.
    • Stealth Bombers can now get inside Small and Medium Advanced Plexes.

    New Player Experience:

    • Fixed an issue where mission guidance would not start if there was no other missions active when accepted.

    New Player Experience:

    • Overview now correctly loads default preset settings after deleting custom user created presets.

    Patch Notes For 2022-11-30.1

    Defect Fixes:

    User Interface:

    • New Default Overview.
    • Fixed an issue that was blocking players from logging with a new client before the full download was finished.
    • Fixed a rare issue that prevented some players from logging into the client (black screen) when they had manually edited Overview setting files Corrected the names of the presets in the default overview and added missing groups to them.
    • Fixed a issue in the Tab presets panel that was empty.

    Patch Notes For 2022-11-29.1

    Features & Updates:

    New Player Experience:

    • Those who reach 750 points within the AIR Career program overall will receive a call from Paragon's own IRIS offering them a free destroyer and an opportunity to learn about ship personalization.

    • The Pirate capsule will now appear in the default Overview during the final Enforcer Career Agent mission.

    User Interface:

    • Default overview settings have been replaced by new ones, inspired by the community made Z-S Overview Pack. If you would like more detail then please see this dev blog.


    • Several of the Caldari State facilities within their newly acquired DS-M4Q constellation have been completed.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Acceleration gates into Faction Warfare complexes will now show a better summary of the allowed ships when your ship is disallowed, rather than a long list of every single allowed type.

    • Disallowed Cloaking in Factional Warfare Battlefield sites.

    New Player Experience:

    • A 'View Market Details' menu highlight will now only appear when selecting the required items during Market guidance in Career Agent missions.

    User Interface:

    • Updated Agency to no longer display the Factional Campaign section when there are no currently active campaigns. This agency section will return when the next Factional Campaigns begins.

    • The 'Buy with PLEX' buttons will no longer briefly appear when opening the SKINs list of the Fitting Window for the first time after a login.

    Patch Notes For 2022-11-25.1

    Features & Updates:


    We are making a few changes that affect the Advantage System in Factional Warfare.

    • We are increasing the output of completing certain objectives. Completing an objective felt a little too underwhelming due to too many points being removed compared to those being added. You should now see every completed objective update the advantage score as every objective will score at least 1% advantage.
    Advantage Objective Old Points New Points
    Rendezvous Point +500 +2000
    Battlefield NVY-30 +5000 +15000
    Propaganda Broadcast +200 +1000
    Listening Outpost -200 -1000
    • The minimum spawn time between Supply Cache / Depots has been increased from 150 minutes to 250 minutes.

    Patch Notes For 2022-11-24.1

    Features & Changes:


    • More Empire individuality has been added to the FW Battlefield music.


    • Localized new content in French, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Spanish.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Fixed an issue with Amarr Factional Warfare Battlefields respawning at incorrect intervals.


    • Icons added to the damaged station in Turnur.
    • Fixed an issue where the Turnur damaged hangar interior was appearing on multiple stations.
    • Fixed an issue where the Tercio Rojo Capsule SKIN did not work for the Golden Pod implant.


    • The correct faction based Destroyer skillbook will now be given when completing the tenth Soldier of Fortune mission.

    Patch Notes For 2022-11-22.2

    Defect Fixes:

    User Interface:

    • Fixed an issue where the HyperNet Relay's tabs did not load properly. This will require a client restart to resolve.

    Patch Notes For 2022-11-22.1

    Features & Changes:


    The Caldari State has taken possession of the DS-M4Q constellation in the Syndicate region thanks to an agreement with the Intaki Syndicate. Significant numbers of Caldari Navy forces have redeployed from Samanuni to strategic locations within DS-M4Q and multiple Caldari stations within the constellation appear to be nearing completion after their construction quietly began a few days ago.

    More information can be found in this breaking news update.


    • More specific Empire flavors were added to the Battlefield music to help signal more clearly who is winning at any given time.
    • Additional balancing was also done to the Battlefield music.


    • To celebrate the launch of the Spanish language being added to eve, and to welcome our new Spanish pilots to New Eden, a new daily login campaign has been launched. Players need to login for 7 out 10 days to claim every reward in the campaign, which includes up to 245k SP for omega pilots, SKINs for the new navy destroyers, a brand new Tercio Rojo Capsule SKIN, and fireworks.


    • Added new translated content in French, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Spanish.

    New Player Experience:

    • Both the Producer and Entrepreneur Industrialist Career Agent mission chains now include UI guidance throughout.

      • Players will be guided through fitting, mining, reprocessing, production, the market, and much more!
    • Adjusted items recieved in various Career Agent missions:

      • Swapped the 'Dual Light Beam Laser I' reward for a 'Gatling Pulse Laser I' in the Amarr version of the first Enforcer mission
      • Swapped the Civilian Miner reward for a 'Miner I' in the third Industrialist - Entrepreneur mission
      • Swapped the Advanced Industry skillbook reward for a Mass Production skillbook in the ninth Industrialist - Entrepreneur mission
      • The Destroyer is now given on completion rather than acceptance of the tenth Soldier of Fortune mission
      • A Destroyer skillbook is now given when accepting the tenth Soldier of Fortune mission
    • Lowered the amount of Tritanium required to complete the second Industrialist - Producer mission from 150 to 100.

    • Added links to the minerals and ore types mentioned in the sixth Industrialist - Producer mission briefing message.

    • Clarified text in the tenth Industrialist - Producer mission briefing and timout messages.

    • Increased the Bonus reward timer to 240 minutes in the tenth Industrialist - Producer mission.

    • Lowered the number of 1MN Civilian Afterburners required to complete the third Industrialist - Producer mission from 2 to 1.

    • Any Data Sheets rather than just the specific ones given can be used to complete the first Industrialist - Entrepreneur mission.

    • Swapped the 'Tracking Computer I' objective item for a Civilian Armor Repairer in the sixth Industrialist - Entrepreneur mission.

    • Swapped the faction based ammunition objective item for a faction based turret in the tenth Industrialist - Entrepreneur mission.

    User Interface:

    • Removed the Cargo Capacity warning popup which could appear when accepting a mission.
    • You can now navigate to Paragon missions through the Agency while in wormhole space.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Reinstated sound effects for mining lasers.


    • Fixed an issue with Factional Warfare Complex respawn timers to be consistent across warzones.
    • Fixed an issue with joining Factional Warfare so that Corporations and Alliances joining wait 24 hours from applying, and then until the next downtime, to be fully enrolled.


    • Alleviated some clipping occurring on the Revelation Navy Issue.
    • Fixed a light on the Eros not being aligned as expected.
    • Fixed a number of graphical issues in Nebula skyboxes and textures.

    New Player Experience:

    • The Pirate Capsule will now use the correct bracket, have stats more similar to a normal Capsule, and no longer leave a wreck in the tenth Enforcer mission.
    • Rulie Isoryn's Stratios will now use the correct bracket in the second Exploration mission.


    • Mac client: Ambient Occlusion has been disabled on Macs with integrated Intel Graphics chips due to low performance and graphical artifacts.

    User Interface

    • Fixed an issue where the cosmetic fitting slots could overlap with other UI elements on 4K screens.
    • Personalization tab has been disabled for Structures and Simulation mode.
    • Fixed error messaging for Paragon Loyalty Point Stores.
    • Fixed error messaging for the Emblems tab in the Fitting Window.
    • The auto-injection warning for Paragon missions will now scale correctly when the window is expanded.

    Patch Notes For 2022-11-17.1

    Features & Changes:


    • Republic engineers have completed the emergency shutdown procedures on the captured stellar transmuters in the Egmar and Vard systems. With the shutdown of these last transmuters, the Stellar Observation Data Hub sites are no longer spawning within the Angils and Hed constellations.
    • The Gallente Federation has continued to entrench their positions within Intaki and nearby systems, completing more of their fortifications and advancing new construction projects.


    • Additional content has been translated into Spanish.

    User Interface:

    • A Personalization tab has been added to the Character Sheet:
      • An Emblems tab has been added under the Personalization tab for tracking owned and available Emblems.
      • The SKINs tab located in the Character Sheet has been moved under the Personalization tab.
    • The seconds counter has been removed from the expiry timer for limited duration SKINs.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Audio mix for Factional Warfare Battlefields has been adjusted to be more varied.
    • Music volume for Factional Warfare Battlefields can now be adjusted via volume sliders found under the Audio tab in the game menu (ESC).
    • Structures inside complexes that were missing atmospheric audio have had audio added.


    • Fixed the Drop rates for Faction Encoders and Decoders from Factional Warfare Operation Centers.
    • Fixed the behavior of certain NPCs in the Factional Warfare Battlefield sites.
    • Adjusted payouts for Factional Warfare Battlefields when a defending militia fails to win the site.
    • Fixed an issue causing the final container to explode before being looted in Factional Warfare Operation Centers.


    • Gallente contractors have fixed a couple of holes that were appearing in Factional Warfare Battlefield structures.
    • Fixed an issue which made some decals appear black when interacting with certain light effects.
    • Ships will no longer perform a docking animation after players select 'View Inside' to move the camera back inside Upwell Structures.
    • Fixed an animation glitch when switching between SKINs in Upwell Structures.
    • Fixed an animation glitch where ships quickly display warp state when docking in Upwell Structures.
    • Fixed an issue with strategic cruiser subsystems appearing on docking platforms in Upwell Structures.
    • Fixed an issue with strategic cruiser appearance in Upwell hangars not reflecting the subsystems fitted.
    • Toggling Dynamic Camera Movement in the Display and Graphics tab of the game settings (ESC key) now makes the docking process in Upwell Structures more simplified.
    • Fixed reflections in non-Upwell hangars meaning players should see reduced flickering in Jita.


    • Fixed an issue where the client could black screen in rare cases at undocking when tactical overlay was enabled.

    User Interface:

    • Fixed an issue where the third column in the Paragon Loyalty Point Stores could overlap with other UI elements.
    • Disabled the Personalization tab of the Fitting window when fitting or simulating a Structure.
    • Fixed an issue where the ship name didn't update properly when switching between fitting views.
    • Filter in the Paragon Loyalty Point Stores now correctly lists EM (EverMarks) instead of LP (Loyalty Points).

    Patch Notes For 2022-11-15.1

    Features & Changes:


    Along with the redesign of old Complexes, we are adding a new and much larger Factional Warfare site compared to its other smaller counterparts.

    • These sites will include multiple capture points.
    • Holding a capture point will earn capture points for your faction each time it ticks down.
    • Enemy faction NPCs and players in ships will block capture
    • Only players in ships can capture.
    • Winning a Battlefield Complex rewards a large amount of Loyalty Points to the winning side.
    • Winning a Battlefield Complex provides an exceptionally large amount of Advantage to your faction's Advantage system level.


    • The Moros has had its VFX updated.
    • This means that the Moros, Naglfar, Revelation and Pheonix have now all had their VFX updated.

    User Interface:

    • Adjusted the size and height of the SKINs cards in the Fitting Window.
    • Adjusted the size of the SKINs icon circle and the SKIN icons.
    • Clean Ship button has been moved to the bottom right of the Fitting Window Personalization tab.


    • New translations are available in French, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Spanish.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Docking UI sound has been tied to the UI Volume slider which can be found in the Audio tab of the in-game menu (ESC key).
    • Docking UI sounds have also been updated to be less intrusive.
    • Fixed an issue with Audio not correctly playing in Factional Warfare Complexes.


    • Fixed an issue with some Factional Warfare Rendezvous Points not correctly paying out Loyalty Points.
    • Balance adjustments to Factional Warfare Rendezvous Points (increased NPC warp speed).
    • The "Gallente Battleship" skillbook should now be available again from Gallente NPC school stations.
    • Fixed an issue which prevented repackaging rigged ships in corporation hangars.


    • Docking height has been adjusted for the following hulls:
      • Succubus and Imp
      • Proteus
      • Kikimora and Draugur
      • Thunderchild
    • Triglavian ships have had their cloaking and docking effects adjusted.
    • Tech 3 Strategic cruiser models now update in the Upwell Hangar scene.
    • SKIN application has been modified to show all ships and fitted modules in the Upwell Hangar.
    • Medium platform advertisements are now visible in Upwell structures.
    • Objects are no longer showing black at far distance, especially at low Level of Detail Quality.
    • Ambient Occlusion is no longer causing some glass surfaces to be too dark.
    • Moros Navy Issue turret hardpoints are now pointing in the correct direction. (Towards your enemy)
    • Moros Navy Issue textures have been tweaked.
    • Revelation Navy Issue has been updated to appear correctly whilst in Low shader settings.
    • Coercer Navy Issue shader has been updated to appear correctly whilst in Low shader settings.
    • Cormorant Navy Issue turret Level of Detail issues have been fixed.
    • Fixed graphical effects on wrecks in Abyssal Deadspace when using the MAC client


    • Paragon station names will now correctly use American English.


    • Optimize settings for "Quality" now also updates the Ambient Occlusion setting correctly.

    User Interface:

    • Adjusted the margin in the Factional Warfare Objectives window.
    • Updated the text in Objectives card of the Factional Warfare window.
    • Corporation emblems now appear correctly in the cosmetic fitting slots.
    • SKINs list now appears correctly for ships with few SKINs.
    • Cosmetic fitting slot tooltips now display correctly.
    • Purchase buttons in the Paragon Loyalty Point Store now appear correctly while loading.
    • Expiry timer for limited duration SKINs now appear correctly in the Fitting Window.
    • Collapsing the new Agent Conversation window will no longer cause it is display incorrectly.
    • A ship requirement warning will no longer show in Agent Conversation windows for Paragon missions.
    • The Paragon Agents Agency page will now appear correctly when viewed in a wormhole.
    • The Personal/Corporation Asset lists will now (again) scroll down to a location if you start typing its name.
    • Fixed an issue with sorting in Corporation Assets.
    • Fixed issues with scaling of Factional Warfare ranks icons.
    • Tooltips have been added to the Factional Warfare rank icons.

    Patch Notes For 2022-11-10.1

    Features & Changes:


    • Tethering for low security status characters is now disabled in High Sec depending on the security level of the solar system and the security status of the character similar to the faction police attack rules.
      • This was covered in more detail in this dev blog.


    • New translations are available in French, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Spanish.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Phoenix now shows VFX when warping and while in siege mode.
    • Machariel no longer shows erroneous VFX.
    • Bustard no longer shows erroneous VFX.
    • Enforcer no longer shows erroneous VFX.


    • Updated ESI to no longer show systems that were removed from Factional Warfare.

    User Interface:

    • Jita's IRIS agent will no longer appear twice in the Paragon tab of the Agency.
    • Paragon missions will now be offered to characters regardless of their security status.
    • Improved the readability of the auto-injection information in Paragon agent mission windows.
    • Sync Failed screen now doesn't overlap the Paragon LP Store window on smaller window sizes.
    • Fixed an issue where the purchase buttons in the Paragon LP Store appeared interactable at all times.
    • Fixed an issue with the Naglfar Fleet Issue Blueprint not showing correctly through industry tabs, New Eden Search.
    • Fixed and issue with the new Navy Destroyer Blueprints not appearing correctly.


    Patch Notes For 2022-11-09.1

    Features & Changes:


    Caldari Navy forces have deployed a major expeditionary force into the Athounon system, securing the abandoned EDENCOM facility above Athounon V as well as the construction site where the Gallente Federation had been attempting to construct a new stargate. The factional campaigns surrounding the strategic system of Athounon and the Serthoulde constellation have ended.

    • With the Caldari stargate completed and the Gallente stargate construction site occupied by Caldari forces, both empires have ended their survey programs that had made Dense Moissanite and Dense Polycrase ore sites visible to Capsuleers. These sites will no longer appear within the Serthoulde constellation.
    • The last of the triglavian relay data sites seem to have been secured by the Caldari State, and no further sites are expected to be discovered at this time.

    The LP offers for loyalty point tokens have been removed from the FW LP stores.

    • Players with loyalty tokens can still sell them to NPC buy orders for 100,000 ISK each.


    • The Caldari State have secured their hold on the Athounon system, with increased military presence and the state seems to have occupied and secured the research station around Athounon V.
    • The Gallente Federation are continuing to construct additional defensive harbours in the system of Intaki and neighbouring occupied systems.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Fixed an issue with Propaganda Structure spawned NPCs not correctly targeting the Propaganda structure.
    • Fixed an issue causing Caldari NPC in Rendezvous Point to incorrectly impact player standings.
    • Fixed an issue causing Rendezvous Points to not correctly despawn. Updated damage resistance profile of capture points in Factional Warfare Complexes.


    • Added and hooked up various faction ship icons that were missing.
    • Cormorant dirt now accumulates as expected.
    • Coercer no longer shows floating VFX.
    • Nightmare no longer shows erroneous VFX - Tigers are back in their cage.
    • Stork no longer shows erroneous VFX.
    • Stiletto no longer shows erroneous VFX.
    • Adjusted symmetry on Hel VFX.
    • Added some missing data on Gurista outpost structures.
    • Fixed incorrect file references on Minmatar Dreadnought wrecks.
    • Updated Coercer texture plating.
    • Added camera locators to FW Propaganda Billboards.
    • Added collision data for factional hologram plinth structures.
    • Edited some asset locations in Amarr complex (FW capture points).


    • Fixed issue with ship model in equipment tab was not updating on SKIN changes in the Fitting Window.
    • Fixed UI issues with columns being too narrow in the Paragon Loyalty Point Store.
    • Sorting by EverMarks in the Paragon Loyalty Point Store now updates to the correct order.
    • Fixed an issue if a newly created character logs out during tutorial and logs back in again the screen turns back.
    • Updated UI around joining / retiring a Corporation or Alliance from Factional Warfare in the Factional Warfare screen.
    • Fixed an issue where the Equipment tab in the Fitting Window didn't update properly on SKIN changes.
    • Sorting by EM in Paragon Loyalty Point Stores now works as expected.
    • Fixed an overflow issue with the sync failed error window in the Fitting Window.
    • The default size for the EM column now correctly fits the EM prices.
    • Fixed an issue where the default emblems were briefly visible when changing Corporations and Alliances.
    • Fixed an issue where the EverMarks for corporations didnt show after completing missions.
    • Fixed a Button overlap issue in Carbon UI for "Cant apply to current ship".
    • Fixed an issue with the Assets window UI in the Japanese Client.

    Photon UI:

    • Chat windows now show the '+' button in the top row again.
  • Patch Notes - Version 20.10 - Uprising

    8. November 2022 12:05


    The following page will list patch notes for updates in version 20.10 of the Uprising Expansion. We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on the EVE Online forums:

    Initial Release Date: 2022-11-08 Last update: 2022-11-24

    RELEASES:    2022-11-08.1 |    2022-11-09.1 |    2022-11-10.1 |    2022-11-15.1 |    2022-11-17.1 | 2022-11-22.1 |    2022-11-24.1 |    2022-11-25.1 |    2022-11-29.1 |

    Before you read the patch notes we highly suggest you read the release news item first.

    Table of Contents


    Empires at War

    The new Frontlines feature in Factional Warfare (FW) is now live, drawing pilots closer to the borders of their opponents and presenting new rewarding challenges that focus capsuleer efforts towards key, emerging conflicts where empire history will be written!


    Systems in a FW warzone can have different operational states which are designated as follows:

    Frontline - adjacent to an enemy-controlled star system, the absolute heart of the battle, and the highest level of reward.

    Command Operations - adjacent to a Frontline system, vital for strategic supremacy with standard LP rewards.

    Rearguard - when none of the above apply, a relative safe zone in the maelstrom.

    Frontlines Map


    With this update we are adding a new way to visualize the Warzone. With representation of where you can find the frontlines and clear data showing the status of contested systems.

    Suprise attack!


    The map isn't the only thing that will be changing in the Warzone! The Gallente have launched a massive surprise assault on Intaki and its surrounding systems.

    The systems of:

    • Intaki
    • Vey
    • Brarel
    • Annancale
    • Agoze
    • Ostingele
    • Harroule
    • Dastryns
    • Uphallant
    • Iges
    • Covryn

    are now held by the Gallente and have been removed from the Factional Warfare system.

    Advantage System


    The new Advantage system allows you to give your chosen faction an edge in FW. This edge can be achieved by obtaining a terrain advantage through ownership of adjacent Frontline and Command Operations star systems, through the completion of activities and sites in the FW warzone, and by deploying anchorable structures. The more involved and victorious your faction is in the warzone, the greater the effect will be on your side’s victory points.

    To view a system’s current Advantage, you can navigate to the right-hand side of the FW window when you select a system on the FW map.

    Propaganda Billboard

    • A deployable structure that will serve to demoralize your opposing faction, upon completion of the structure, Advantage will be added to aid you in capturing of their system.

    Listening Outposts

    • A deployable structure used to crack transmission frequencies that once completed will remove advantage from the opposing faction.

    Supply Cache/Depot

    • In-space quick supply depots for the opposing faction that if destroyed will remove advantage from the opposing faction.

    Rendezvous Point

    • Soloable Rendezvous points allow players to engage with the warzone by intercepting NPC combatants. Upon destroying the commander of the fleet, Advantage will be awarded.

    Operation Center

    • Hacking/Exploration site that will provide the players with valuable codes to build Propaganda Billboards and Listening Outposts.

    Reward Rebalance


    We have increased the amount of Loyalty Points awarded, specifically focused on Frontlines having the largest pay outs to encourage players to engage in a more concentrated area of the warzone.

    • Frontline systems grant 150% of generated Loyalty Points as rewards.
    • Command Operations systems grant 100% of generated Loyalty Points as rewards.
    • Rearguard Systems grant 50% of generated Loyalty Points as rewards.

    We have removed the reward tiers for FW captured systems to make the generation of LP fairer for everyone, and remove the positive feedback loop that was incentivizing Empire swapping.

    Adding More Group Content

    In the current paradigm, Factional Warfare complexes discourage group play as the payout for additional militia members in a site divides the reward pool, which is inelastic. By adding elastic rewards, up to a certain limit for certain sites we can create a space where players are naturally drawn to group up with other friendly players.

    We also want to avoid encouraging super-sized 'swarm' fleets, and so we can tune these Complex rewards to around 5 characters. 5 characters is also a decent number because it is a difficult number of accounts to manage for a single player, limiting the effectiveness of such multiboxing in combat to encourage players enter these sites and act as a group when available, the LP value would be an additional 25% over the 'solo' version of the complex.

    Not all ships are equal Victory Points!

    820x180 s

    We have limited access to FW Complexes to make them more granular, tweaking the paradigm to prevent pirate faction ships from dominating "Novice Complexes". We have also reviewed and updated the access restrictions to complexes overall.

    When it comes to determining Victory Points gained for ship destruction Pirate and Navy faction ships will be treated as separate classes. For example, a worm will not be considered T1. Triglavian and EDENCOM ships will also be included in the "Pirate Faction" category, as it most closely matches their power scaling. For example, a Leshak will yield a higher reward value than a Tempest.

    Site Naming Schema

    We need to effectively communicate expectations; the site names should follow a predictable pattern in which you can learn to rapidly identify the restrictions of a site based on its name. The standard is as follows:

    [Rank / Size] + [ADV / NVY] + "-"[Number] OR [Open Complex]

    Rank / Size - Indicates the size of ships allowed into the site.

    Example: Amarr Medium NVY-5

    • Scout - Frigates and smaller
    • Small - Destroyers and smaller
    • Medium - Cruisers and smaller
    • Large - Battleships and smaller
    • NVY - Short for "Navy". Indicates site only allows T1 and Navy ships to enter, no pirate faction, T2, or T3.
    • ADV - Short for "Advanced". Indicates site allows T2 and Pirate Faction ships.
    • Number - This number indicates the number of characters the site reward scales to.
    • Open Complex - This is an open site, A site without restrictions or an acceleration gate

    Update to Upwell Structures Docking Rules in Factional Warfare

    820x180 tether

    Structures broke the paradigm of risk for factional warfare systems, as previously only the controllers of the system were able to take advantage of the stations. With Citadels, enemy militia could previously safely dock up in enemy space. We are solving this with these new measures.

    The following rules apply to both stations and player-owned citadels in the warzone.

    Frontline Systems

    • Players are able to dock, undock and tether in any ship regardless of faction alignment.
    • Assuming they would have access to dock / tether via ACLs for player owned structures.

    Command Operations & Rearguard

    • Enemy militia cannot tether except in capsules.
    • Enemy militia cannot dock except in capsules.
    • Enemy militia cannot undock from the structure - except for capsules.
    • Friendly militia and unaligned players can dock and tether freely.


    To Celebrate the launch of Uprising a special set of login rewards are available each day that players log into the game for the first 9 days after the expansion launches. These rewards include up to 425,000 SP for Omega players, and SKINs for navy frigates and the new navy battlecruisers!

    New Navy Ships


    We have introduced new Navy ship lines into the game as part of the expansion. Navy Exploration Frigates, Navy Battlecruisers, Navy Destroyers and Navy Dreadnaughts.

    All these ships come with a strict upgrade to the tech 1 counterpart as well as some new improved audio. In addition, the New Navy Destroyers and Dreadnaughts have upgraded hulls to stand out on the battlefield.

    The Navy Frigates and Battlecruisers became available in limited quantities during the pre-expansion events. Their details can be found in their patch notes.

    • The Blueprint Copies for these ships can now be found in their respective militia Loyalty Point stores.

    Catalyst Navy Issue

    • +1 Midslot
    • Added 50% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret falloff to the role bonus.

    Added New Gallente Destroyer Bonuses (Per Level)

    • Added 10% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret damage.
    • Added 7.5% bonus to Armor Repair amount.
    • Added 15% reduction to Armor Plate mass penalty.
    • Removed turret tracking speed per destroyer level bonus.
    • Removed falloff bonus per destroyer level

    Coercer Navy Issue

    • +1 Lowslot
    • Added 50% bonus to Small Energy Turret falloff to the role bonus.

    Added New Amarr Destroyer Bonuses (Per Level)

    • Added 7.5% bonus to Small Energy Turret damage.
    • Added 7.5% bonus to armor hitpoints.
    • Added 10% reduction to Energy Neutralizer activation cost.
    • Added 10% bonus to Energy Neutralizer strength.
    • Removed bonus to Small Energy Turret tracking speed per destroyer level.

    Cormorant Navy Issue

    • +1 Midslot
    • Added 50% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret falloff to the role bonus.

    Added New Caldari Destroyer Bonuses (Per Level)

    • Added 5% Small Hybrid Turret damage bonus.
    • Added 10% bonus to Shield Booster amount.
    • Removed bonus to Small Hybrid Turret tracking speed per destroyer level.

    Thrasher Fleet Issue

    • +1 Lowslot
    • Added 50% bonus to Small Projectile Turret falloff to the role bonus.

    Added New Minmatar Destroyer Bonuses (Per Level)

    • Added 5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret rate of fire.
    • Added 15% reduction to Microwarpdrive Signature Radius penalty.
    • Removed Small Projectile Turret tracking speed per destroyer level.

    Moros Navy Issue

    • +1 Midslot

    Added New Gallente Dreadnought Bonuses (Per Level)

    • Increased Capital Hybrid Turret damage bonus from 5% to 7.5%.
    • Added 5% bonus to Capital Hybrid Turret optimal range.
    • Added 5% per level Armor Repair amount.
    • Added 20% per level bonus to Warp Scrambler and Warp Disruptor strength and optimal range.

    Naglfar Fleet Issue

    • +1 Highslot

    Added New Minmatar Dreadnought Bonuses (Per Level)

    • Increased Capital Projectile damage bonus from 5% to 7.5%.
    • Add bonus: 20% bonus to Heavy Stasis Grappler falloff.
    • Added 7.5% bonus to Shield Booster amount.
    • Added 7.5% bonus to Armor Repairer amount
    • Removed Shield Booster cycle time bonus.

    Phoenix Navy Issue

    • +1 Midslot

    Added New Caldari Dreadnought Bonuses (Per Level)

    • Increased XL Cruise, XL Torpedo and Torpedo damage bonus from 5% to 7.5%.
    • Added 7.5% bonus to Target Painter effectiveness.

    Revelation Navy Issue

    • +1 Highslot

    Added New Amarr Dreadnought Bonuses (Per Level)

    • Increased Capital Energy Turret damage bonus from 5% to 7.5%.
    • Added 25% bonus Energy Nosferatu drain amount and range bonus.

    Heavy Assault Cruiser Rebalance


    When approaching the subject of HACs in the current meta, we looked at addressing these 4 goals:

    1. Reduce heavy HAC dominance in fleet combat which has persisted since their 2017 balance pass.
    2. Make room for other ship types to step into the spotlight, such as battleships.
    3. Not nerf HACs into oblivion - find and retain healthy use-cases.
    4. Maintain HAC identity as a high-damage / heavy tank ship option.


    • Reduced Number of Turret Slots by 4, from 5 to 1.
    • Increased the Number of Missile Slots by 4, from 1 to 5.
    • Increased the CPU by 50 tf, from 355 tf to 405 tf.
    • Reduced the Powergrid by 160 MW, from 1160 MW to 1000 MW.
    • Increased the base armor by 150 HP, from 2,150 HP to 2,300 HP.
    • Reduced the maximum targeting range by 25,000 m, from 80,000 m to 55,000 m.
    • Remove and replace all bonuses with:

    Minmatar Cruiser bonuses (Per Level):

    • 5% bonus to Light Missile, Heavy Missile and Heavy Assault Missile damage.
    • 3% bonus to shield and armor resistances.

    Heavy Assault Cruisers bonuses (Per Level):

    • 5% bonus to Heavy Missile and Heavy Assault Missile explosion velocity.
    • 5% bonus to Light Missile, Heavy Missile and Heavy Assault Missile launcher rate of fire.

    Retains Assault Damage Control bonus.


    • Reduced the Maximum Targeting Range by 35,000 m, from 95,000 m to 60,000 m.
    • Increased the CPU by 15 tf, from 520 tf to 535 tf.
    • Increased the Powergrid by 20 MW, from 800 MW to 820 MW.
    • Remove and replace all bonuses with:

    Caldari Cruiser bonuses (Per Level):

    • 5% bonus to kinetic Light Missile, Heavy Missile and Heavy Assault Missile damage.
    • 20% bonus to Heavy Assault Missile max velocity.

    Heavy Assault Cruisers bonuses (Per Level):

    • 5% bonus to Rapid Light Missile, Heavy Missile and Heavy Assault Missile launcher rate of fire.
    • 7.5% bonus to Shield Booster amount.

    Retains Assault Damage Control bonus.


    • Reduce Maximum Targeting Range by 25,000 m, from 90,000 m to 65,000 m.
    • Reduce maximum velocity by 30 m/sec, from 190 m/sec to 160 m/sec
    • Remove and replace all bonuses with:

    Caldari Cruiser Bonuses (Per Level):

    • 4% bonus to all shield resistances.
    • 7.5% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret optimal range.

    Heavy Assault Cruiser bonuses (Per Level):

    • 5% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret Tracking.
    • 5% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret damage.

    Retains Assault Damage Control bonus.


    • Reduce Max Targeting Range by 15,000 m, from 75,000 to 60,000 m.


    • Reduce Maximum Targeting Range by 15,000 m from 70,000 m, to 55,000 m.
    • Increased the Powergrid by 25 MW, from 900 MW to 925 MW.

    Updated Heavy Assault Cruisers bonuses (Per Level):

    • Increase Medium Projectile Turret falloff bonus by 2.5% per level, from 10% to 12.5% per level.


    • Reduce Maximum Targeting Range by 20,000 m from 80,000 m to 60,000 m.


    • Reduce Maximum Targeting Range by 5,000 m, from 70,000 m to 65,000 m.

    Updated Heavy Assault Cruisers bonuses (Per Level):

    • Missile max velocity bonus reduced by 2.5% per level, from 10% to 7.5% per level.

    Updated Amarr Cruiser bonuses (Per Level):

    • Armor resistance bonus increased by 1% per level, from 4% to 5% per level.


    • Reduce Maximum Targeting Range by 25,000 m, from 85,000 m to 60,000 m.

    Navy Ship Rebalance

    820x180 geddon

    In addition to the Heavy Assault Cruiser rebalance, we have looked at Navy ships too to bring them more in the fold and give them a much-needed facelift.

    Caracal Navy Issue

    • Increased the Powergrid by 175 MW, from 715 MW to 900 MW.
    • Reduced the number of Low Power Slots by 1, from 4 to 3
    • Increased the number of Medium Power Slots by 1, from 5 to 6

    Updated Caldari Cruiser bonuses per level:

    • Rapid Light Missile, Heavy Missile and Heavy Assault Missile Launcher rate of fire increased by 1% per level, from 5% to 6%

    Exequror Navy Issue

    • Increased the Powergrid by 200 MW, from 830 MW to 1030 MW.
    • Increased maximum velocity by 25 m/sec, from 255 m/sec to 280 m/sec
    • Reduced Number of Turret Slots by 1, from 5 to 4.
    • Removed Medium Hybrid Turret Rate of Fire bonus.

    Updated Gallente Cruiser bonuses per level:

    • Increased Medium Hybrid Turret damage by 20% per level,from 5% to 25% per level.
    • Add additional Bonus: 10% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret falloff.
    • Add additional Bonus: 15% reduction in Armor Plate mass penalty.

    Dominix Navy Issue

    • Increased the Powergrid by 3,500 MW, from 11,000 MW to 14,500 MW.

    Updated Gallente Battleship bonuses per level:

    • Increased Large Hybrid Turret bonus by 2.5%, from from 5 to 7.5%.
    • Add new bonus: 10% bonus to Drone tracking speed.
    • Add new bonus: 7.5% bonus to Armor Repairer amount.

    Armageddon Navy Issue

    • Reduced the number of Low Power Slots by 1, from 8 to 7
    • Increased the number of Medium Power Slots by 1, from 4 to 5
    • Reduced the Powergrid by 1,500 MW, from 17,500 MW to 16,000 MW
    • Increase drone bay capacity by 75m3, from from 200m3 to 275m3.
    • Remove 5% bonus to Large Energy Turret rate of fire.
    • Remove 10% reduction in Large Energy Turret activation cost.

    Updated Amarr Battleship bonuses per level:

    • Add Bonus: 10% bonus to Large Energy Turret, Rapid Heavy Missile, Cruise Missile and Torpedo damage.
    • Add Bonus: 10% bonus to Drone hitpoints and damage.
    • Add Bonus: 10% bonus to Energy Nosferatu and Energy Neutralizer optimal range.

    Typhoon Fleet Issue

    Updated Minmatar Battleship bonuses per level:

    • Add Bonus: 7.5% bonus to Cruise Missiles and Torpedos explosion velocity.
    • Add Bonus: 7.5% bonus to Large Projectile Turret Tracking.

    Additional Ship Balance Pass


    • Removed 5% bonus to Missile Explosion Radius

    Updated Caldari Frigate Bonuses per skill level

    • 10% bonus to shield hitpoints per level.


    • Increased Drone Bandwidth by 10 Mbit/sec, from 40 Mbit/sec to 50 Mbit/sec.
    • Increased Drone Bay by 10 m3, from 40 m3 to 50 m3.
    • Increased the Powergrid by 50 MW, from 650 MW to 700 MW.


    • Increased maximum velocity by 50 m/sec, from 180 m/sec to 230 m/sec


    Updated Minmatar Frigate Bonuses per skill level

    • Rate of Fire bonus increased by 2.5% per level, from 5% to 7.5% per level.


    • Increased the CPU by 15 tf, from 155 tf to 170 tf.
    • Increased the Powergrid by 8 MW, from 42 MW to 50 MW.
    • Reduced the number of Low Power Slots by 1, from 4 to 3
    • Increased the number of Medium Power Slots by 1, from 3 to 4
    • Removed 7.5% bonus to drone tracking speed.

    Updated Assault Frigate Bonuses per skill level:

    • Add Bonus: 7.5% bonus to armor repair amount.



    The Paragon corporation has been established in New Eden. They are one of many new or newly acquired corporations of the EverMore Faction and will offer capsuleers exclusive wares.

    EverMore Corporations

    The following corporations will be moving from their existing factions to become a part of the EverMore faction:

    • Inner Zone Shipping
    • Zero-G Research Firm
    • Villore Sec Ops

    The following corporations are newly founded and belong to the EverMore faction:

    • Adaptive Provisioning
    • Cromeaux Inc
    • Vapor Sea Technologies
    • Veritas Enhancements
    • Interplanetary News Media
    • Paragon

    Alliance and Corporation Emblems

    820x180 Emblems

    We are happy to introduce New Eden to the newest innovation of Paragon: emblems! You can now represent your corporation and/or alliance through these emblems.

    • Emblems are available for purchase at Loyalty Point Stores within all new Paragon Stations.
    • Similar to SKINs, emblems correspond to a specific type of ship hull.
    • Emblems for over 100 ship types are currently available in the first iteration with EverMark redemption rates varying by type:
      • T1 Frigates
      • Navy Exploration Frigates
      • T1 Destroyers
      • Navy Destroyers
      • T1 Dreadnoughts
      • T1 Haulers
      • T1 Freighters
      • T1 Battlecruisers
      • Navy Battlecruisers
      • Corvettes and Shuttles

    Once a corporation or alliance emblem is acquired for a specific ship, it can be toggled on and off as desired.

    • Purchasing a specific emblem is limited to one per character.
    • Purchased emblems are not tradeable and are immediately injected into the redeeming character.
    • A new Personalization tab on the fitting window will allow you to equip both emblems and ship SKINs.

    Paragon Agent Missions


    IRIS, Paragon’s executive officer, customer liaison, and chief representative offers a variety of missions for those looking to earn EverMarks.

    IRIS is present in all 11 new Paragon stations spread across both high and low security space:

    • Jita
    • Ourapheh
    • Amarr
    • Dodixie
    • Hek
    • Rens
    • Amamake
    • Assah
    • Aubenall
    • Yehaba
    • Hakonen

    These can also be found via the Paragon Agents section of the Agents & Missions tab in the Agency.

    • During the mission, IRIS will request a specific type of ship and reward EverMarks based on that type.
    • After completing a mission, that character must wait 23 hours before another mission will be offered.
    • Omega Capsuleers will have considerably enhanced rewards upon completing Paragon missions.
    • A separate tab has been added to the wallet to track EverMore balance.
    • SKINs and emblems are now managed through the new Personalization tab in the Fitting window.
    • Ship fitting is now managed through the new Equipment tab in the Fitting window.
      • This is the default tab when opening the Fitting window.
      • All old Fitting window functionality, excluding applying SKINs, is encapsulated within this tab.

    PvE and Science & Industry

    820x180 indy

    • NPC Titans and Supercarriers can now sporadically appear in Haven, Sanctum's, Drone Patrol, and Horde anomalies.
    • A flat 60% reduction in Navy ship Blueprint Copy Loyalty Point cost has been introduced to encourage pilots to acquire and fly with them.
    Blueprint Old LP Cost New LP Cost
    Navy Frigate ~~10,000~~ 4,000
    Navy Destroyer (New) 12,000
    Navy Cruiser ~~45,000~~ 18,000
    Navy Battlecruiser ~~100,000~~ 40,000
    Navy battleship ~~250,000~~ 100,000
    Navy Dreadnought (New) 1,000,000
    • Removed the Neurolink Conduits from the build requirements for Navy ship Blueprint Copies.


    2 Brand new skills for veteran capsuleers have been added.

    • Advanced Contracting

      • +4 Contracts per level
      • Rank 10
      • 250 million ISK at NPC schools or 325 million via skills on demand.
    • Elite Infomorph Psychology

      • +1 jump clone per level
      • Rank 12
      • 500 million ISK at NPC schools or 650 million via skills on demand

    Security Status Changes

    In this update we are adding the first part of the changes as described extensively in a Dev blog for these changes.

    • Outlaws which are characters with -5.0 and lower security status are no longer permitted to dock in High Security stations and structures while in ships.
    • Alpha clone state characters can no longer change their safety setting to Red.
    • It is no longer possible to run any Abyssal sites in 1.0 or 0.9 security spaces, including Jita or any of the other trade hubs.

    Abyssal Deadspace Changes

    Suspect flags returns for high-tier Abyssal Deadspace sites based on security of the system which the site is being run in. You will gain suspect status upon completing the Abyssal Deadspace site.

    Security Tier (no suspect flag) Tier (suspect flag)
    1.0 - -
    0.9 - -
    0.8 T0, T1, T2, T3 T4, T5, T6
    0.7 T0, T1, T2, T3, T4 T5, T6
    0.6 T0, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 T6
    0.5 T0, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 -


    • Frigate wormhole lifetimes reduced from 16 hours to 4.5 hours for E004, L005, Z006, M001, C008, G008 and Q003 type wormholes
      • Spawn rate for roaming wormholes of these types was also reduced to prevent them from appearing too frequently.

    Upwell Structure Hangar visuals

    820x180 hangar

    We have added massive enhancements to Upwell hangars that will ramp up the audio and visual immersion while docked in these structures.

    This also includes a new docking and undocking animation that takes the same amount of time to perform as it did prior to this update.

    • Cancelling undocking will sometimes make your ship perform a 360 and park in the same spot you took off from. A new way to ship spin, for the absolute best.



    AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution 1.0 is now supported in EVE. This can be very beneficial on higher resolution screens like those that run on 4K, or when used with an older GPU.

    • This gives an increase in frame rate by upscaling a lower resolution version of the game, while preserving as much detail as possible.
    • It can be found in the settings menu inside 'Display & Graphics' → 'Graphic Content Settings' → AMD FSR 1.0.
    • It works on AMD, Nvidia, Intel and Apple M1 based graphics cards.

    A new 'Ambient Occlusion' setting has been added to graphic settings page, as we now calculate “AO” in real time.

    • Having it enabled Improves shading and rendering techniques which increase the visual impact of all graphical assets.
    • Setting this too high on older graphics cards can have a significant impact on performance.

    We have also made visual updates to a few selected ships:

    • The Phoenix has received a visual update.
    • All Tech 1 and Tech 2 variants of Destroyers have received a visual update.
    • We have added a new Amarr Navy pattern.


    Updated sound effects for outbursts and impacts for most turret weapons. Every sound outburst now has a distinct feel to it that makes it easier to audibly distinguish between weapons.

    • Beam

    • Pulse

    • Blaster

    • Railgun

    • Artillery

    • Auto Cannon

    • Uprising comes with all new login music.

    New Player Experience

    • Clarified and expanded upon written instructions found throughout the Career Agent missions.

    • Adjusted items received in various Career Agent missions:

      • An 'Overdrive Injector System I' is now given on acceptance rather than completion of the eighth Enforcer mission.
      • An Incursus will now be given instead of a Tristan when accepting the Gallente version of the tenth Enforcer mission.
      • The Logistics Frigate gift in the second Explorer mission has been swapped with the Exploration frigate reward in the fifth Explorer mission.
      • A 'Miner I' instead of a Civilian Miner will now be given when accepting the third Industrialist - Entrepreneur mission.
      • An 'Inertial Stabilizers I' instead of an 'Overdrive Injector System I' will now be given when accepting the fifth Industrialist - Entrepreneur mission.
      • A Broker Relations skillbook instead of a Mass Production skillbook will now be given when accepting the sixth Industrialist - Entrepreneur mission.
      • A 'Nanofiber Internal Structure I' instead of a 'Miner I' will now be rewarded when completing the sixth Industrialist - Entrepreneur mission.
    • Reduced the number of Civilian Afterburners required to complete the third Industrialist - Producer Career Agent mission .

    • Removed an obsolete 'Datacore – Basic Civilian Tech' item from containers in the fourth Industrialist - Entrepreneur Career Agent mission sites.

    • Removed an unnecessary 1 ISK collateral when accepting the first Industrialist - Producer Career Agent mission.

    • Item Objectives, gifts, and rewards are now selectable links in the Photon UI Agent Conversation window (currently used by Career and Paragon agents).

    Little Things


    Quality of life improvements are sourced directly from community feedback.

    Thank you! 🤝


    • If you are in a ship when initiating a clone jump you will now automatically disembark, wait out the timer and then clone jump.
    • Alliance fittings have been added. They are managed by members of the alliance executor corporation who have the Fittings Manager role. Each alliance can save up to 600 fittings.
    • The number of personal ship fittings has increased to 500 up from 250.
    • The number of corporation ship fittings has increased to 600 up from 300.
    • When using Strip Fitting drones will also be removed from the drone bay on ships.
    • It is now possible to repackage multiple ships even if they have rigs fitted. Caution: Rigs will still be destroyed just as when repackaging individual ships with rigs fitted.
    • It is now possible to repair all damaged modules at once. Just select “Repair All Modules” when right-clicking on your modules.
    • Players can now activate and apply ship SKINs with fewer clicks and remotely.
    • Corporations now have access to EverMark wallet and assigned spending rights to different roles.

    User Interface

    • The Probe Scanner Window will now indicate when a new anomaly or cosmic signature spawns.
    • Distance to the content displayed in the Agency will now consider Autopilot settings when showing the number of jumps required.
    • A filter has been added to the F10 map which displays the location of your jump clones.
    • The Jump Clones tab in the Character Sheet now shows the estimated value of implants in each clone.
    • Mobile depots, tractor units and warp disruptors can now be saved in the cargo of ship fits in the Fitting tool in the NEOCOM.
    • It is now possible to select and delete multiple fittings at the same time.
    • A shortcut has been added for the Manage Autopilot Route window.
    • "Collapse All Groups" has been added to the Corporation Asset list.
    • When reloading modules only the ammunition and charges you have the skills to use will be shown on the right-click menu regardless of what is in your cargo.
    • Your active ship is now placed at the top of the Repair window.
    • The Create Contract window will now show the preselected items at the top of the "Pick Items" list.
    • It is now possible to see how many contracts have been filtered out in the Contract Search.
    • "Release Control" has been added to the radial menu when controlling a structure.
    • The security status of systems has been added in front of the location name in Personal and Corporation Assets.
    • The "Loot All" button now has focus when opening wrecks and other containers by default allowing for quick looting by hitting Enter.
    • The minimum distance in the directional scanner (d-scan) has been changed to 0.1 instead of 0.
    • The maximum number of fleet mates which can be added to the watch list window has been increased to 💯
    • A shortcut has been added for Regroup for players in fleets (available to Fleet Commanders, Wing Commanders and Squad Commanders).
    • Help pointers for Station Services have been updated to more accurately reflect the actual names of the services.
    • When opening the Help pointer window the focus is now on the search bar which will allow for quicker searches.
    • Many new Help pointers have been added.
    • It is now possible to set font size in one chat window and apply it to all other chat windows.
    • When deleting a bookmark, you will now see the name of a bookmark in the confirmation window, or in the case of deleting multiple bookmarks, how many you are deleting.

    Defect Fixes


    • The activation sound effect for a Standup Point Defense Battery can be heard again.


    • Fixed an issue preventing Mutated Drones from healing while tethered.
    • Removed incorrectly spawning ore the Abandoned Mining Colony.
    • Ore Anomalies with no ore inside, and not respawning, caused by NPC mining operations mining the last piece of ore in anomalys is now resolved as they will no longer deplete asteroids.
    • The 'Wild' miner module has become a little less wild, and can now be listed on the market.


    • Fixed a rare crash for Mac clients.

    User Interface:

    • The 'Resign as CEO' option no longer shows in the context menu when a character is a Director of the Corporation.
    • Closing or minimizing a full-screen window no longer restores all other minimized windows.
    • Fixed an issue with the Faction Warfare agent filter not correctly updating.
    • Updated Porpoise traits to reflect it being able to fit a Medium Industrial Core.
    • Updated Abaddon Reinforced Bulkhead role to link to Hull Upgrades.

    Photon UI:

    • The HUD's speed gauge background no longer fades out when at high speed.
    • Assist and Guard state indicator now shows correctly in the Drones window.
    • Docking via the radial menu no longer becomes unresponsive to player input.
    • Disabling 'Window Blur' no longer causes windows to become overly transparent.
    • The 'Dock in Solar System Map' option now shows when the Probe Scanner and/or Directional Scanner windows are stacked.
    • Tab notification indicator in the Chat window now uses the correct theme colors.