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  • Information is power

    3. February 2023 16:00

    Greetings capsuleers,

    Strategy, knowledge, and preparedness are vital to succeed in the harsh competitive world of New Eden. For many playstyles in EVE, access to and understanding of data can spell the difference between victory and defeat. EVE has been referred to as spreadsheets in space, and there will soon be even better opportunities to excel at the game (see what we did there?).

    Data extraction from the game is about to become easier than ever before with a new EVE Online Microsoft Excel add-in, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, which will allow players to log in and pull in-game data directly into spreadsheets. This can be both generic New Eden data as well as character-based stats, such as wallet balance, recent market orders and asset information. The ability to easily work with these figures in any number of ways will even the playing field in data driven warfare and democratize intelligence gathering, without requiring coding knowledge.

    EVE x Excel - Closed Beta - Support Image

    EVE x Excel - Closed Beta - Support Image nr 2

    The development of the Excel add-in will in no way affect the maintenance and development of the ESI, but rather leverages the existing API for data gathering. We have been greatly inspired by the many useful tools that our players have developed using the ESI. This add-in is not meant to replace these great, player developed third party tools, but should serve as an additional option for users, with a lower barrier of entry in terms of coding knowledge.


    Currently, the Excel add-in is still in development, and we are ready to accept a number of testers into a closed beta. The official release date of the add-in has not been finalized, and there is plenty of work still to be done, so now it is time for ambitious capsuleers to join the co-development. We encourage all data enthusiasts, spreadsheet warriors and anyone passionate about space and Excel to apply. We are looking for a variety of playstyles and experiences but also just those that are as excited about this as we are!

    As this is a closed beta, not every applicant can be granted access to the test, and players will be selected to reflect a broad spectrum of capsuleers. This is to ensure that we get feedback reflecting the widest selection of users. There is no set end date for the beta yet, and more users may be added as the process goes on, so even if you are not selected in the initial phase, don’t give up hope.

    This beta process will be conducted in English only.

  • Community Beat for 3 February

    3. February 2023 13:40

    Welcome spacefriends, to the latest edition of the Community Beat! This is where we highlight some of the things that have caught our eye in the community over the last couple of weeks.


    This pen and marker drawing of a Golem by Imperative_Arts is just phenomenal! The snapshot of it firing missiles looks very alive, and it's difficult to look at it and not get the itch to go roaming in a Golem. Sure, those blue things are the technically the bastion module cooling systems, but who cares, it looks dope! We saw your latest Vargur picture too - Keep up the great work!


    One Man Army Series: Praxis VII

    If after staring at that Golem, and you now feel like roaming in a battleship, then get inspired by Grunt Kado - AKA Kaiser Friedlich's newest One Man Army video. In this episode, he showcases what the Praxis is capable of. Sporting solid module management of a dual armor repairer tank, with blasters and drones as main dps. The Praxis' large cargohold lends itself to really long brawls as you have ample space for cap boosters. Check it out:

    Killing FireCo supercapitals with AKC

    Mc Crecket documented some Hyper Super/Titan gameplay where he, along with his friends in the AKC, shadow the FireCo move op and catch Supercarriers & Titans. They bagged a solid amount of big targets. Enjoy!

    The 9th Annual Frigate Free 4 All


    The legendary annual Frigate Free 4 All has been announced! It is the 9th time it will be held, and if last year is anything to go by, this one will be absolutely bonkers! It will take place on 11 March, in the Lowsec system of Ouelletta between 16:00 and 22:00 UTC. There will be more than 10.000 free ships, Prizes/Skins/Caps and More!

    For more info, head over to EVEOGANDA

    CSM Summit


    As many of you know, the Council of Stellar Management have been teleported to Iceland for a week of meetings. This is the first time, since the before times, that we've been able to have a CSM Summit in-person! It's been incredibly constructive to watch the 10 democratically elected CSM members go over various subjects with different departments within CCP. They've been diligently going to meeting after meeting for many days in a row now, and we'll have a recap coming for you guys in the near future. Stay tuned for that!

    EVE Miami - Player Gathering

    Eve Miami

    Miami's first unofficial EVE Player meetup will be happening later this month, on the 25 February. The event takes place at the Lost Boy English Pub, where you can meet fellow EVE Online players from South Florida and the surrounding region. More details can be found over at eventbrite.

    That's all for today's Community Beat. We're excited to see what you guys get up to in the coming weeks! Keep up the great work.

    Catch you guys next time, Community Team Out!

  • Patch Notes - Version 21.01

    2. February 2023 12:00


    The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 21.01). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:

    Initial Release Date: 2023-01-10
    Last update: 2023-02-02

    🤝 - Indicates a change inspired by player's feedback or suggestions.

    RELEASES:    2023-01-10.1 |    2023-01-11.1 | 2023-01-18.1 |    2023-01-19.1 |    2023-01-24.1 |    2023-01-26.1 |    2023-02-02.1

    Patch Notes For 2023-02-02.1

    Features & Changes:


    The massive Federation Navy project to secure the Intaki system continues:

    • The Intaki system's security status has increased from 0.2 to 0.3
    • The Federation Navy has enforced a temporary prohibition on the deployment of new Upwell Structures within the Intaki system. The Navy will lift this restriction in the near future once the security situation in Intaki has been improved to a level appropriate for such an important Federation member culture's home system. Existing Upwell Structures already active in the Intaki system are unaffected by this moratorium.

    Defect Fixes:


    • The empire HQ system gate checkpoint structures should no longer decloak players flying near the gates.

    Patch Notes For 2023-01-26.1

    Features & Changes:


    • Lowered the respawn time of Observatory Flashpoint anomalies in Pochven from 90 minutes to 35 minutes.

    Defect Fixes:


    • A correction has been made to the particles on the Red Stargazer SKINs.
    • Added a fix to the particles that emerge from the Red Stargazer SKIN on the Marshal.
    • An update to depth of field (DOF) in hangars has been included, which will make them less blurry.

    Patch Notes For 2023-01-24.1

    Features & Changes:

    New Player Experience

    • The personalisation introduction experience will now only appear once per account.


    • Content is translated in French, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese.

    Defect Fixes:

    New Player Experience:

    • Characters will no longer become stuck during the personalisation introduction experience after relogging during the create opening step.

    Patch Notes For 2023-01-19.1

    Features & Changes:


    • To Celebrate the Lunar New Year, a special set of login rewards are now available to players who login from now until the end of January.
      • Rewards include themed SKINs, skillpoints, Wightstorm Boosters and fireworks. 🎇


    • Simplified Chinese is now available as a language option on Tranquility.

    User Interface

    • The New Eden Store has been adjusted to improve the visibility of previews and will now dynamically resize to better utilize available space.

    Patch Notes For 2023-01-18.1

    Features & Changes:


    • Added access restrictions to Tranquility from mainland China.

    Patch Notes For 2023-01-11.1

    Defect Fixes:


    • Fixed an issue where lighting effects were removed from certain ships when changing texture quality.
    • Fixed some issues with the new Rifter remodels where some artifacts would appear on lower detail mesh.
    • Fixed some VFX bone index and visibility issues on the new Rifter remodels while docking in Upwell structures.

    Patch Notes For 2023-01-10.1

    Features & Changes

    Defect Fixes

    Features & Changes:


    • The volume of the 'Drone Navigation Computer II' has been increased from 5m3 to 25m3 to match all other variations of this module.


    • The Crimson Harvest boosters have now expired.


    • The Rifter, as well as it‘s variants: Wolf, Jaguar, Freki and the upcoming Geri have been completely rebuilt featuring texture updates, high polygon count, warp animation and added visual effects.

    User Interface:

    • Added new help pointers.
      • Show/Hide more contract search options
      • Corporation Assets
      • Map Color Settings
      • Fleet History / Broadcasts
      • Show/Hide Fleet Broadcasts
    • Added a 'board structure' option for FLEX structures in the radial menu.
    • Adjusted the tabs in the FW map in Photon UI to look more like other Photon UI windows.
    • It's now possible to load fighters into empty fighter tubes in the inventory window by right clicking on the tube and selecting fighters in your fighter bay. It's also possible to unload fighters by right clicking on a loaded tube in the inventory window also.
    • Asteroid and Gas Cloud items will now list their volume to 3 digits, so that some items like compressed veldspar will not be rounded down to incorrectly show as 0.00m3.
    • 🤝 Ansiblex gates will have the 'jump' option as available in the selected items window if you are warping there.
    • Change the goal for Enter x Combat Sites in AIR Career Program to exclude combat sites happening in starter systems.
    • Updating the goal for Hacking x Containers in AIR Career Program to exclude hacking in starter systems.
    • Change the goal for Enter x Gas sites to not include Gas Training Sites.
    • Updating the Join a Fleet goal to only include pilots joining a Fleet.
    • Added descriptions to the default overview filters.

    Photon UI:

    • Added descriptions to the Overview column titles.
    • 🤝 Added proper grouping of default filters for Multiple Overviews.
    • Updated the quick-bar button icons in the Market window.
    • 🤝 Added a wallet balance indicator to the Market window's header.
      • You can switch between the Personal and Corporation Wallet via the window's top-right options menu
    • Station Services window layout has been updated.
    • Improved the selected item highlight for inventory items.
    • Updated the Docking animation.
    • 🤝 Added a button to notifications that lets you dismiss them immediately.

    New Player Experience:

    • Paragon's 12 Destroyer SKINs added for the personalization introduction are now available for purchase in the New Eden Store for all players.
      • These offers retain Paragon's excellent low price, but also cannot be moved or trades after redemption
      • The offers are also currently limited to once per account, so redeem them wisely
    • The collateral cost for all Career Agent missions has been removed.
    • Improved guidance for unfitting modules during Career Agent mission fitting guidance.

    Defect Fixes:


    • Aura's "Docking Permission Denied" alert will now play again when a player enlisted in Factional Warfare attempts to dock in an enemy controlled Rearguard or Command Operations system.


    • Athanor and Tatara reprocessing bonuses, as well as asteroid reprocessing structure rigs will now apply to Ducinium, Eifyrium, Mordunium and Ytirium.
    • Ducinium, Eifyrium, Mordunium and Ytirium can now be compressed inside Upwell Structures that have a Standup Reprocessing service module fitted and online.
    • Fixed an issue where FW Battlefield sites, and Observatory Flashpoint Sites could be prevented from spawning properly.
    • The "Agency Support Drop" crate item will now correctly say that it can contain level IV Hardshell, Pyrolancea and Overclocker boosters in the crate description when you attempt to open it.


    • Reflections were not correctly working on stations in some cases & polish has been applied to bring them back to their reflective glory.
    • Fixed the Ishtar Yoiul Star SKIN which had unintended Aurora Universalis VFX appearing on the ship.
    • Fixed an issue with Alliance Emblem placement on the Enforcer.


    • Client performance when multi-fitting ships with the inventory window opened while having several items in your hangar should be significantly improved.
      • The client will also perform much better when multi-fitting with large quantities of ships already in the hangar.

    User Interface:

    • Fixed the Industry Window inputs overflowing when using some blueprints which contain several inputs.
    • Adjusted the environmental effect tooltip icon so that it is round rather than stretched.
    • Having double digit values in the tax percentage field no longer are cut off in the structure browser window.
    • When fitting an undersized propulsion module to a ship, it will no longer incorrectly refer to the capital modules as 1000mn and 5000mn, and instead the actual sizes 10000mn and 50000mn.
    • Fixed the top tooltip not displaying a message in the FW map for supported languages like Russian, French and Spanish.
    • The Muninn has now swapped to using missile masteries instead of projectile ones.
    • The 'Dominix Luminaire Rising SKIN' is now correctly in the Gallente battleships section of the market instead of battlecruisers.
    • Fixed an exception when trying to save a ship fitting while using a different digit grouping symbol on your computer's regional settings.
    • It's now possible to sort Ansiblex gates by stored liquid ozone amount again.
    • Items such as modules and ships can now be dragged and dropped into the 'filter on type' fields in the market orders window.
    • You will no longer be warned about 'not being able to dock again' when undocking from an enemy frontline system in factional warfare.
    • The alliance home page will now update instantly when a director submits an edit for the alliance description, instead of requiring the player to close and then re-open the alliance page to see the changes.
    • The attributes window will now update correctly if a player uses a character remap, and then plugs in implants without re-opening the attributes window.
    • Fixed an issue with Mutated Siege Modules not correctly showing Armor Repair Duration / Amount bonuses.
    • FPS Monitor window is now lockable.
    • The in-space context menu's sub-menus no longer flicker.
    • Fixed an issue where adding or removing a Linebreak will not update you have until changed tabs in Overview Settings.
    • 🤝 Make "group all" group other modules to the one with the lowest flag.
      • When grouping 8 guns, it will now group them on F1 istead on a random slot.
    • Reorder the menu in the fleet window.

    Photon UI

    • The Lock button on the The Daily Login window when on the Character Selection screen is now faded out and no longer looks clickable.
    • Active ship indicator in the Inventory is no longer clipped.
    • 🤝 Scrollbar no longer overlaps brackets in in-space bracket group tooltip.
    • Skill entries in skill plans no longer have overly bright underlay when selected.
    • The 'Warp To Mining Point' button now works correctly in the Selected Item window.
    • The title in the options menu for window stacks now only shows the active window name.
    • The locked inventory item indicator no longer overlaps the class icon for fighters.
    • Jump Clone Implant icons in the Character Sheet no longer wrap to a second line when UI scaling is set to 90%.
    • 🤝 Reorganized the filter drop down menu in the D-Scan window.
    • Context menus can no longer extend outside the game window.
    • Redeem Items confirmation pop-up no longer becomes unresponsive after minimizing Info window.
    • When you have multiple Overviews, the number in the Distance column is now consistent between windows.
    • 🤝 Notification widget no longer has a plus symbol in the corner.
    • The following help pointers are working again in Photon UI.
      • Corporation Home
      • My Fleet
      • Neocom Menu
      • Change Inventory View
      • Next In Route
      • Drone Settings
      • Fleet Settings
    • The 'All' filter now correctly selects all types in Overview Settings.

    New Player Experience:

    • IRIS will no longer offer the personalization introduction experience if there are no remaining avaliable offers for the relevant Destroyer SKINs.
    • Fixed an issue which could cause wrecks other than the salvage target in the second Industrialist - Entrepreneur mission to be highlighted.
  • Save 10% on PLEX + Get a free SKIN!

    27. January 2023 13:00

    Bargain hunting Capsuleers,

    PLEX stands as one of New Eden’s core spacefaring currencies, and right now, if you pick up select PLEX packs in the EVE Store, you get 10% off the regular price, and a free dynamic color-changing SKIN.

    The PLEX sale runs until 31 January, giving you an opportunity to grab one of the following:

    • 1500 PLEX + Vindicator Red Stargazer SKIN
    • 3000 PLEX + Barghest Red Stargazer SKIN
    • 6000 PLEX + Nightmare Red Stargazer SKIN

    Furthermore, the Red Stargazer SKINs will display specific visual effects whenever a PvP kill is made by your ship, and they are affected by subsequent kills and ship speed too - a first in EVE!

    There’s also a separate sale in the New Eden Store letting you save 10% on 3M, 6M, and 12M Omega time packs that all include a free and new Red Stargazer Skin.

    The following offers are available in the New Eden Store, this time until 9 February:

    • 3M Omega + Barghest Red Stargazer SKIN
    • 6M Omega + Vindicator Red Stargazer SKIN
    • 12M Omega + Nightmare Red Stargazer SKIN

    Be sure not to miss out! Head to the EVE Store by 31 January to save 10% on PLEX, and make sure to stop by the NEW Eden Store ahead of 9 February to pick up Omega with the same discount.


    Three packs launched as part of our Lunar New Year celebrations. The Red Stargazer Pack and the Lunar Festival Pack are each available in the EVE Store until 2 February.

    Red Stargazer Pack - EVE News 820xAnyHeigt

    The Red Stargazer Pack includes 30 days of Omega time, 500 PLEX, Advanced 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator, 1 Skill Extractor, and stunning Red Stargazer SKINs for your Bhaalgorn, Machariel, Rattlesnake, or Marshal.

    Lunar Festival Pack - EVE News 820xAnyHeigt

    The Lunar Festival Pack comes with eight days Omega time, 50 PLEX, 50,000 Skill Points, Basic 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator, Vexor Navy Issue Empyrean Dragons SKIN, Men's and Women's Empyrean Dragons Jacket and fireworks.

    Dragon Phoenix SKIN Sale - EVE News 820xAnyHeigt

    Over in the NES, the famed Dragon Phoenix SKINs return with a 30% discount. Pick up SKINs individually, or grab a Dragon Phoenix Bundle which also includes the Crimson Phoenix and Vermillion Dragon Facial Augmentations.

  • Community Beat for 20 January

    20. January 2023 14:00

    Hello spacefriends, and welcome to the latest Community Beat! Let's take a look at some of the things that have caught our attention in the community over the last couple of weeks.

    The 2nd SvB 2v2 Frigate Tournament

    If you're itching to get involved in some competitive PvP while you're waiting to hear more about the next Alliance Tournament you should check out the SvB 2v2 Frigate Tournament which is coming up in February with some cool prizes up for grabs!

    For full details including the rules and Discord link check out this post on the EVE subreddit.

    Cpt Armarlio’s ETSY store

    Cpt Armarlio creates beautiful, officially licensed EVE Online prints featuring a wide variety of ships, including the recently added Marauders and Society of Conscious Thought ships. If you need something to hang on the wall above your EVE battlestation then one of the works from their store might be just the thing!

    armarlio vargur

    Fun Inc Shrinkwrapped 200

    FUN Inc/Even Better With Friends NPSI community celebrated their 200th "Shrinkwrapped" fleet last weekend. Based on the Raptor, the Shrinkwrapped doctrine has created a lot of explosions over the course of its 200 outings and this fleet was no exception. Here are some stats from the fleet from organiser Keacte:

    shrinkwrapped stats

    Riding along was famous EVE Online astrophotographer Razorien, also known as CCP Aperture, who snapped some amazing pics of the roam:

    raptor roam

    Check out the full album here.

    As always check out the NPSI calendar to see the schedule of upcoming public fleets that you can participate in offered by around 20 different NPSI organisations including Bombers Bar and Spectre Fleet who we will be showcasing more in the future!

    Torvald's 24 hour Proving Grounds marathon

    Speaking of milestones we want to give a shoutout to EVE Partner and streamer Torvald Uruz who completed a gruelling 24 hour 1v1 Battlecruiser Proving Grounds marathon on the weekend, completing dozens of fights back to back and giving away billions worth of ships to viewers.

    torvald thumb

    It was a mighty effort and you can check out Torvald's Twitch channel for future streams!

    Oz takes over CCP TV

    Many players will be familiar with Oz from his regular New Eden market streams on his Twitch channel or from his Trust, Trading and Trillions presentation at last year's Fanfest. Oz recently took over CCP's own Twitch channel to give viewers his informative take on the markets, the New Eden economy and to talk about ESI. Check out the VOD, it's full of great information on trading... and so many graphs! 👇

    oz thumb

    Jonny Pew returns

    One of EVE's most prolific content creators has returned after a long hiatus. You might remember Jonny Pew from his Youtube channel or his appearance (as Sir Livingston) in the classic This is EVE trailer from 2014.

    If you enjoyed his content you'll be pleased to know he's resumed regularly uploading videos to his Youtube channel and they're as good as ever. If you've found your way to New Eden recently and aren't familiar with his videos then check them out - you might find them informative!

  • Happy Lunar New Year

    19. January 2023 12:00

    Attention capsuleers,

    Get ready for Lunar New Year celebrations in New Eden! From 19 to 31 January, all players can take advantage of daily login rewards, including Serenity ship SKINs, boosters and Skill Points, and more. Don't miss out on the red star orbital stash hunt, where you can uncover even more exciting prizes – Stay tuned on social media. On 20 January, tune in for the community team roam on CCPTV at 15:00 UTC, join us in celebrating the Year of the Rabbit!


    Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with exclusive deals and offers for capsuleers! Get a head start on the new year with these special offers.

    EVE News 820xAnyHeigt Red Stargazer

    The EVE Store is offering two special packs that are unique to the Lunar New Year festivities, the Red Stargazer Pack and the Lunar Festival Pack. The Red Stargazer Pack includes 30 days of Omega time, 500 PLEX, Advanced 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator, 1 Skill Extractor, and stunning Red Stargazer SKINs for your Bhaalgorn, Machariel, Rattlesnake, or Marshal. Furthermore, the Red Stargazer SKINs will display specific visual effects whenever a PvP kill is made by your ship, and they are affected by subsequent kills and ship speed too - a first in EVE!

    EVE News 820xAnyHeigt Lunar New Year Pack

    Meanwhile, the Lunar Festival Pack includes 8 days Omega time, 50 PLEX, 50,000 Skill Points, Basic 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator, Vexor Navy Issue Empyrean Dragons SKIN, Men's and Women's Empyrean Dragons Jacket and fireworks.

    EVE News 820xAnyHeigt Dragon Phoenix SKIN

    Available in the NES, a return of the Dragon Phoenix SKINs with a 30% discount. Gila, Brutix, Ishtar, and Cerberus Dragon Phoenix SKINs can all be acquired separately or in the Dragon Phoenix Bundle which also includes the Crimson Phoenix and Vermillion Dragon Facial Augmentations.

    These offers are only available during the Lunar New Year celebrations, so don’t miss out!


    Simplified Chinese is now live on Tranquility server, catering to the Chinese speaking community and honoring their invaluable contributions to New Eden's history. Union Pay has also been added as a payment processor to provide better service to this player base.

    Lunar New Year is a magical time for stargazing, enjoying festive dishes, and exchanging gifts. Log in today to join the celebrations!

  • Factional Feud in the Proving Grounds! 

    11. January 2023 16:00

    Fractious capsuleers, 

    Coat yourself in camo and prove your potential in the next exciting Abyssal Proving Ground event, colliding in fierce 1v1 combat aboard the four Empires’ ruthless navy battlecruisers! 

    This event begins at 11:00 UTC on 14 January, and runs until 11:00 UTC on 16 January. 

    The ruleset is as follows: 

    • Only the Prophecy Navy Issue, Ferox Navy Issue, Brutix Navy Issue, Cyclone Fleet Issue, Harbinger Navy Issue, Drake Navy Issue, Myrmidon Navy Issue, and Hurricane Fleet Issue may enter this event. 
    • 100% bonus to afterburner speed boost. 
    • 50% reduction to overheat damage taken by modules. 
    • Pilots receive 100 million ISK payout per match where they deal at least 10,000 damage. 
    • Sensor dampeners, weapon disruptors, shield boost amplifier, recharger, power relay, and flux coil modules, and core defense field purger rigs cannot be fitted. 
    • Maximum of one local repair module per ship (shield or armor). 
    • Modules and implants are restricted to meta level 5 and below. 

    Bolster your battlecruisers, grab your Proving Ground Filaments (found in Abyssal Deadspace, Pochven, or on the in-game market) and let loose your full fury as you rage for glorification, climbing the leaderboard and earning special rewards! 

  • The Capsuleer Chronicles – Hardcover in stores now

    11. January 2023 12:00

    Story-loving capsuleers, 

    Following its previous release in comic stores, the hardcover edition of EVE: The Capsuleer Chronicles is now available through retailers both physical and online, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and bookstores of all kinds near you! 

    Experience the intersection of the lives of four independent capsuleers during the Triglavian Collective’s invasion of Raravoss, the first of twenty-seven systems that would eventually fall to the Collective and their ardent supporters and be woven into the liminal domain of Pochven, as the Triglavians alter the very stars of New Eden in pursuit of their ambitions – inspiring both conflict and cooperation alike between these immortal empyreans. 

    Order your copy and add a new tale from New Eden to your bookshelf today! 

  • New Release To Start The Year

    10. January 2023 12:15

    Attention capsuleers,

    It’s time to kick off yet another action filled year, as EVE gets closer to its 20th anniversary and the start of the third thrilling decade in New Eden. This year promises to be filled with intrigue, action, and events. In last week’s Producer’s Letter the roadmap for this year was revealed, followed by an in-depth look at the bright future of EVE in a CCPTV live stream.

    The future is now, and it’s time to unveil some great updates in the brand-new January release, which is out today.

    A rebuilt Rifter

    The iconic Minmatar frigate, the Rifter, has gotten a significant visual update. This beloved model has been rebuilt from the ground up, complete with updated textures, warp animation, high polygon count, and new and improved visual effects, for added impact and a more immersive experience. Its Tech II variants, the Jaguar and Wolf, also got a facelift.

    New Intro SKINs for all!

    In a recent update to the new player experience, fresh capsuleers are now introduced to the basics of ship personalization and PLEX when guided to purchase fresh new SKINs for 1 PLEX in the New Eden Store. These SKINs are new and unique, and they look amazing. Of course, no one should be left out, so to ensure all capsuleers can look their best in the new year, these SKINs are now available for all players to purchase in the New Eden Store for 1 PLEX. These are only for you to enjoy, as they cannot be sold, transferred, or traded and can only be bought once per account.

    New Intro SKINs for all - January Release Update - EVE News 820xAnyHeigt

    New skill training offers

    If you have ambitious plans for New Eden in 2023, now is the time to re-train, skill-up, and get yourself set for a triumphant year of success. And both the EVE Store and the NES currently have some unmissable training deals. In the EVE Store, the brand new Capsuleer Re-training Bundle brings you 1,000,000 Skill Points, a Specialist ‘Boost’ Cerebral Accelerator, an 8-plus boost to all attributes for eight days, and two Skill Extractors thrown in for free.

    In addition, the EVE Store is offering packs of five and 10 Skill Extractors with 20% off their full price. Both offers are valid until 19 January.

    Capsuleer Re-training Bundle - news item image (31)

    As if that wasn’t enough, you can also head to the New Eden Store, and can get 30% off five Skill Extractors, and a massive 50% off 10 Skill Extractors.

    Skill Extractor Sale Jan 2023 - EVE News 820xAnyHeigt

    Chinese Simplified upcoming

    Simplified Chinese is launching on Tranquility as a part of the Lunar New Year celebrations kicking off on 19 January. The existing Chinese servers will not be affected by these changes. We will continue to work with NetEase on building the future of Serenity and Infinity while we hope Chinese on Tranquility will be of benefit to the many Chinese speaking players outside of mainland China.

    For Chinese speaking capsuleers that want the opportunity to dive in, experience it and provide invaluable feedback, they can test the upcoming localization on the Singularity test server very soon.

    We’re excited to bring Chinese to Tranquility to honor the contribution of Chinese speaking capsuleers to New Eden and its history over the past two decades.

    This promises to be a thrilling year for EVE Online, and it’s starting out with a bang. We hope you are as excited as we are for today’s release, and the future of New Eden

  • Producer’s Letter - From Uprising to New Conquests

    6. January 2023 12:00

    Uprisen capsuleers,

    It’s an incredibly thrilling time to be a capsuleer in New Eden as we embark on a new year in EVE Online. The frontlines have been buzzing with activity and some big shifts are happening in the political landscape. Since the launch of the Uprising expansion in November 2022, the activity in New Eden has exceeded our wildest expectations with active player counts swelling since release and - more importantly - pilots being more active in space. Particularly notable has been the sharp 75% increase in PvP kills in lowsec as well as the 11% PvP kill increase in highsec despite the additional restrictions on ganking and changes to Abyssal Deadspace following the release. This has pushed industry and mining significantly, with navy ship production rising 14,709% and capital manufacturing seeing a 34% bump!

    Now that we have entered a new year and are marching toward EVE’s 20th anniversary, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on last year, the latest expansion, and look ahead at what is happening next in New Eden.


    Making Factional Warfare (FW) an exciting area of space filled with action and intrigue was one of the big things we aimed to address in Uprising. Territory control is a foundational aspect of EVE Online and we wanted to make it easier to find and participate in the action. Introducing Frontlines was the first big step in evolving this fundamental system and making it more dynamic.

    Along with Frontlines, new ships entered the warzone, existing ships got rebalanced, complexes were reworked to make them fairer and more fun, and all new Battlefield sites were introduced. Together, this has created even more ways for players to get involved in - and be rewarded for – diving into the action.

    EVE News 820xAnyHeigt

    As mentioned in the Factional Warfare Dev Blog that was released in December, the next big part of the FW equation is already underway. This next update, coming in Q1, will introduce a feature we’re calling Direct Enlistment, which will allow players to join FW without leaving their corp and alliance mates.

    Not only did the Uprising expansion overhaul Factional Warfare but it also opened the door to personalization. As a capsuleer, flying your colors allows you to celebrate your allegiance while sending a message to others about who you are. The new Paragon corporation introduced a new currency (EverMarks), along with new agents, stations, and missions that enable you to acquire corporation and alliance emblems. The real beauty, however, is that you cannot simply buy your way into these accolades; you actually need to undock and play. This results in more pilots in space, more opportunities for conflict, and more budding industrialists and traders filling the need created by Paragon. As we move forward, we will add more ways for you to earn EverMarks through your in-game actions. The most recent example of this being the daily login rewards from the Winter Nexus event.

    The launch of Uprising saw emblems become available on over 100 ships, with a further 186 new ships added on 15 December. We will continue to roll out emblems for more ships with the next batch planned for later this quarter. You can also expect even more radical customization options in the future - from peacocking your killmarks to marking your space and citadels!


    Our ambition has been to ease the pathway for new recruits to become battle-hardened veterans and contribute to the battles raging across New Eden.

    Having redeveloped the entry into the game while empowering new players with opportunities to develop the core skills for their spacefaring adventures, we can now shift our focus onto giving them more meaningful roles in the interstellar war effort.

    The main design question that we continue to ask ourselves is, “how can we make new players become even more capable and ready to engage with empires, corporations, and alliances?” Much of the Uprising expansion’s focus was geared toward PvP, but we also want to enable different methods of contribution to the war effort that accommodate more playstyles. If lowsec is the warzone, then highsec is the homefront, where bullets are made and boots are stitched for the frontlines.

    As we start to look beyond Uprising, we’ll be taking the learnings from Factional Warfare and applying them to other areas of space with one of our focuses being on guiding players into more parts of the sandbox, while smoothing the learning curve for novice pilots so they can become valuable recruits for experienced capsuleers. The war machine requires scores of cogs to run effectively - every capsuleer has a role and purpose, whether it’s fighting for territory on the frontlines or supporting the war effort from the homefront. Every item destroyed requires replacement, driving industry and mining - the backbone of New Eden.

    Winter-Status EVE ACADEMY 820

    An issue many leaders face is the funding of their organizations. We hear this time and again, where player corporation and alliance leaders of all sizes and areas of space need to lean on taxes from bounties or the goodwill of a few, through donations, to run their organizations. This is simply not sufficient for the myriad of different activities that groups rely on for income such as Abyss running, Loyalty Point (LP) generation, market trading, wormhole blue loot, and more. Allowing more avenues of taxable income will ensure that important programs, like SRPs (ship replacement programs) will continue to allow novice pilots to take the step into more challenging content or encourage more experienced capsuleers to risk larger ships. We have already started experimenting with this through the one-to-one EverMark corporation contributions into the corporation wallet. This was just our first experimentation with a corporation LP wallet and is something we're looking to expand on this year.

    On funding, we have prioritized Contested Income (formerly known as passive income) - a source valuable enough to take, hold, and defend. In Uprising, we created several new gameplay systems introduced to Factional Warfare that could also be applied elsewhere. The Frontlines system has shown we can create high conflict zones, which are ideal candidates for these contested income sources since they create areas of vulnerability. We much prefer these high-value sites in areas of substantial risk, rather than having highly defensible systems.

    We believe that creating more ways for players to get involved in the war effort will set us on the path to creating the ultimate interstellar war machine, which in turn will make New Eden an even more vibrant place filled with excitement, intrigue, and infinite possibilities.


    You’ve heard us talk about the friendship machine. We believe that the social connections made in New Eden are one of the most important aspects of EVE Online. People create meaningful friendships through fleets, corporations, and alliances. Running and operating these social entities can be very daunting, as well as taking the leap to join them. But getting more players involved is incredibly important, especially in fleets, as EVE is even better with friends. Watching the emerging social organizations form in the warzones has been truly inspiring, where old and new capsuleers join forces in taking on the objectives at hand. This is something we’ve seen in public fleets, such as NPSI fleets, over the years and is something on which we want to put more focus in this next phase of development.

    As we enter the next era of EVE Online, we plan to establish a strong social network to foster powerful bonds as we build toward delivering the future of war in New Eden.

    EVE News NoCopy 1920x1080 (1)


    With the Uprising expansion, immersion in EVE has been elevated to even greater heights through visual and audio enhancements backed by significant performance and UI improvements.

    The new epic Upwell hangars allow you to marvel at your achievements and really convey a sense of scale for the stations and ships from the safety of the dock. Uprising also saw the release of several audio updates to enhance the sensory experience, and all of this is supported by performance improvements and a modern UI.

    EVE News 820

    Photon UI has been in testing for the past six months and now has an adoption rate of over 91%. Thanks to player feedback there have been several improvements, new features, and fixes made in the process. Expect to see more improvements and a full launch later this quarter bringing with it a full release of multiple overviews and more features.

    You can look forward to further visual enhancements on this scale and other powerful improvements to audio and performance coming to the star cluster as we continue to evolve EVE Online into the next decade and beyond.


    Over the last couple of years, we have carried out important, foundational work that enabled us to build Uprising, our first expansion since 2018. We aim to continue releasing expansions of this caliber going forward, with additional updates, more shiny toys, and riveting world events like the stellar transmuter incident in-between to keep New Eden vibrant, active, and well-balanced.

    With the Uprising expansion, we took a big step toward realizing the future of war in New Eden... and yet, there is still so much more to come. We are thrilled to reveal our high-level roadmap for EVE Online for the year ahead:

    Producer’s Letter Roadmap

    KICKING OFF 2023

    We are kicking off the year with a celebration! EVE’s Lunar New Year will begin on 19 January and alongside this celebration, we will be bringing Simplified Chinese to Tranquility. NetEase has been pioneering the frontiers of EVE Online in mainland China and building the future of our two servers, Serenity and Infinity, for that region. We want to recognize our Chinese-speaking players outside of Mainland China that have built strong alliances and made their mark on New Eden over the past two decades.

    Furthermore, toward the end of January the Microsoft Excel plug-in, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, will be soft launching in a closed beta trial. Announced at Fanfest last year, this integration will enable Omega capsuleers to log in and directly pull in-game data into Microsoft Excel. We believe this will level the playing field by providing easy and simple access to in-game data, without requiring coding knowledge. The official launch is planned around EVE’s 20th anniversary in May.

    For more on New Eden post-Uprising and the future of EVE, please tune into CCP TV today at 16:00 UTC as CCP Convict, CCP Burger and I will be conducting a deeper dive into the topics from this blog.

    As we enter the third decade, we are one step close to our mission of having EVE live on forever. We are incredibly excited as we accelerate toward EVE Online’s 20th anniversary and look forward to sharing more details on new gameplay features and live events throughout this year.

    The future is bright, and we look forward to seeing you in space!

    CCP Rattati, Game Director